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We believe improving and advancing healthcare starts with connecting the healthcare community. Our mission is to serve as the intersection of providers, facilities, and patients.

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Oncologist - #6731

Elements Icon New York   Elements Image Locum Tenens

Flexible Oncology position on a locum tenens basis. Primarily oncology with 20% hematology, however hematology is not required. Working on a team of 7 physicians. Inpatient work is done in a 1:7 rotation, Call is covered in a 1:7 rotation. Hospitalist team handles admissions.


Interventional Radiologist - #0140

Elements Icon New York   Elements Image Locum Tenens

Interventional Radiology position working Monday through Friday from 8am to 5 pm. The following shifts are needed with flexible scheduling September through end of 2022.

April 25th - 29th; May 16th - 20th; May 23rd - 27th; July 5th - 8th; July 11th  - 15th; July 18th - 22nd; July 25th - 29th; August 8th - 12th; August 15th - 19th; August 22nd - 26th


Diagnostic Radiologist - #5779

Elements Icon New York   Elements Image Locum Tenens

Flexible Diagnostic Radiology position for 1-4 weeks per month dependent on physician availability. Read volume is approx. 80-90 total reads seeing a mixture of plains, CT, US, MRI. Light Interventional work is plus.


Inpatient Neurologist - #0060

Elements Icon New York   Elements Image Locum Tenens

(2) Inpatient Neurology positions working 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. Daytime volume is approx. 6-12 consults with 0-4 night time consults. The majority of consults are TIA / Stroke. Other consults are a mix of mental status change, weakness, headache, and seizure.


Diagnostic Radiologist - #9828

Elements Icon West Virginia   Elements Image Locum Tenens

Diagnostic Radiologist positions available for up to four (4) physicians. Work schedule is Monday - Friday from 8a - 5p. Flexible commitment with anywhere from 1-4 weeks per month considered. Each Radiologist will read from 80-100 films per day with a mixture of plains, US, CT, MRI, and Mammography. The ideal physician would also have the ability to read Nuclear Medicine, Fluro, PET. Light Interventional is a plus but not required.

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Let's see if we can read your mind...

Why do I care about Med X?

Maybe you do, maybe you don't, but here's our two cents...

We believe we share a common goal with both providers and facilities. All three of us are looking to improve healthcare nationwide. Since providers and hospitals care for the patients, we are committed to providing for them. We do this through a commitment to provide relevant information, unique perspective, unmatched opportunities, and hopefully a little bit of humor.

If those things are not for you, let us know what you need and we'll do our best to deliver.

How big is your team?

It's not the size that matters!

With that said we're growers. In 2021 Med X grew its employees by 300% and revenue within the healthcare market by 473%.

In 2022 Med X projects to grow it's employees by 300% once again with a focus 24/7 customer service availability for our community. We project revenue growth of 227% but we believe the sky is the limit with the right people around us.


How do I make money with Med X?

There are a few different methods of earning through Med X, which we hope to expand on with time. Currently providers are gaining income through:

MX Locum Tenens: Our contract opportunities division working direct with partner healthcare facilities. We do not work with vendor management services. Due to this, you can expect great pay, fast and efficient processes, timely feedback, and a hassle free experience.

MX Referral Network: It was once said, "Ain't no fun if the homies can't have none". We believe this to be true. Tap into your network and build a company within Med X. From there, you profit off of every shift worked....forever.

MX Service Line Management: Experience the freedom of locum tenens work, with the beauty of a long term relationship. Don't worry about judgement over how many past places you have worked anymore. Commit long term, with a flexible schedule through our SLM program partners.

More opportunity to come in 2022...


What are the terms of use for facilities?

First off, you're welcome to come visit anytime you like. However... if it is coverage you seek... there will be fees that are dependent on each providers unique credentials.

Concerning the agreement, we prefer to save time and money with attorney redlining. We believe agreements to be just that, an outline of the expectations of each party involved.

We put the X in fleXability. 

Do I need to do paperwork to work?

Unfortunately there's paperwork. However, we spent much of 2021 constructing the most efficient team on earth to simplify this overly burdensome process.

Furthermore, as a service to our providers we store and organize their documents in a secure and dedicated server, available upon request for any future applications. This is not simply limited to Med X opportunities. WE BELIEVE IN FREEDOM!

Lastly, we can set alerts to notify you in advance of expiration dates.


What is next for Med X?

Technology. Something this industry has never seen before. 

We are in the final stages of development before launching our beta version.

More details to come very soon, but we assure you it will change healthcare access forever.